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The State of Illinois contacted New Start, Inc. on March 31, 2015 notifying our agency that, effective immediately, funding for the Certified Nurse Assistant Training program has been suspended. New Start, Inc. cannot continue to offer the Certified Nurse Assistant training program at this time. New Start, Inc. will resume our training programs if/when the funding has been reinstated. New Start, Inc. was one of over 200 agencies whose funding has been temporarily suspended. For additional information on the funding of New Start, Inc.’s Certified Nurse Assistant training program, you can contact the Governor’s office at 217-782-0244 (Springfield) or 312-814-2121 (Chicago).

New Start, Inc. is dedicated to providing non-traditional educational opportunities in a manner that will enhance the dignity of each individual. We believe that it is necessary to provide students with the skills and education necessary to meet an ever-growing job market. We are currently offering Basic Nurse Assistant (CNA) Courses, which allow our students to remain competitive in health care while also providing them with the opportunity to pursue careers within the nursing field.